Will Duxson is a promising up and coming composer of video game music.
Below is a list of Will's original game scores.

Billy, Bob & Brutus
(student project, 2017)
Gravity Switch
(student project, 2017)
Space Invader Labyrinth
(student project, 2015)


Below is a selection of Will Duxson's most recently completed scores and re-scores of games.

"Atmosphere is always at the core of my music; it creates an immersion which drives and inspires me."
Will Duxson


Will has graduated with a high first in music from the University of Southampton, where he was composition scholar for three years, composing music in his free time and as part of his Bachelor's degree under the tuition of Andy Fisher and Michael
Finnissy. During this time, Will wrote soundtracks for a number of games. He was awarded the prize in performance for his third year organ recital at Salisbury Cathedral, which he studied for with John Challenger and David Owen Norris.
L a n D s C a p E s

p a R t 1


Landscapes – Part 1 is Will Duxson's first ever album, setting to music a beautiful selection of incredibly moving landscapes. Each track is inspired by a single photo, translating its atmosphere into music.
To listen to a track, simply click on the video below. (More coming soon!)


Will Duxson